The picture of the policeman and policewoman taping off the playground, as well as Mike's observations, suggests to me that for the simple price of wearing a uniform and a mask, enforcing laws is a very attractive way to make a living because you get to live life like it was before Covid.

You get to run around town on various missions with your mates without the possibility of getting into any trouble whatsoever. The city is your playground; you can hang from the monkey bars or jump from the swings or play tag with all the other police kids.

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“There's something absurd in trying to describe it all in monolithic terms, "Australians are...".”

The irony of the situation in Melbourne is that Victoria has Australia’s most left-of-centre state government. My COVID experience in South Australia, which has a right-of-centre state government, has been very different. Having always voted left-of-centre wherever I have lived, I am deeply distressed by the Left as it is today in the West, seemingly coming full circle and rapidly approaching the far Right from behind.

It is also important to remember that the American concept of personal “freedom” is a product of your geography and history, not ours.

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'but here I am, enjoying life in a time capsule'

This sent a chill up my spine. Life is not lived in a time capsule. Or, it shouldn't be.

Feeling nostalgic now.

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Mikes report jives with what I have filtered thru my sources so it is nice to get my bias confirmed once in a while! Your reference to the length of day as related to ones location on the surface of the planet is something I woke up thinking about this morning. So on this shortest day of the year in the northern hemi, I think I will do a survey today of peeps I encounter to see if they KNOW what the actual mechanism that causes the phenomena is. You know...first principles and all.


Here's to a little peace and happiness in New Year Heather!

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