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Lefties- My body My Choice. versus -- Mandates for transfections are necessary for all.

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Left - traditionally for peace, against war and the war machine now accusing anyone who calls for deescalation, Putin lovers or cowards, as a way to shut down any conversation about negotiation or mediation. A mind boggling flip flop.

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Transgender ideology says that if you are a man who likes things that are stereotypically associated with women or have body language, demeanor, etc typically associated with women, that you possibly are a woman. They say this while simultaneously saying that there is no “wrong way to be a woman” or no “wrong way to be a man”. So if you are a man who likes feminine things, has feminine characteristics, that is perfectly fine and you are being yourself, since there is no wrong way to be a man. But at the same time, you might possibly be a woman, because you are not conforming to traditional notions of masculinity, implying that you are not being a man correctly. You will also need to mutilate yourself, load up on experimental drugs, etc to fix yourself. Obviously like many things they do, they use either/or when it is convenient for them. Like when they conflate gender with sex, etc.

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I have found it more important than ever to be immune to name calling. Call me whatever you need to. I am uneffected by people’s mental illness.

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The PM of Canada has put on Blackface so many times, he can't remember a count. At the same time, those of us refusing the mRNA shots were called racists. This just happened (Global News via Twitter): "PM Trudeau criticizes Premier Ford's use of the notwithstanding clause to impose a contract on CUPE -- saying it's "wrong" to suspend workers' rights." Umm, this is the same PM who threw my working from home hubby out of work, for refusing mRNA shots."

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The hypocrisy of those on the left knows no bounds because the left doesn't recognize hypocrisy as a vice. Perhaps not a virtue but certainly nothing to be ashamed of. The ability to hold conflicting ideas (doublethink) is so necessary to their survival among other leftists that logical rigor of thought is as important to them as whether their socks match. The conservatives have called out the progressives for their hypocrisy for decades and the progressives shrug it off as of no importance, which to them it is.

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• You should state your pronouns to promote the inclusion of trans people.

• It is unacceptable to question such a practice.

• Conclusion: inclusion is not meant for everyone.

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Similar to Atlandea:

A woman’s reproductive health and bodily autonomy are threatened by laws that could prevent her from getting an abortion, but a woman’s reproductive health and bodily autonomy are not threatened by mandating pregnant woman and women of childbearing potential take a vaccine in order to work and provide for their families.

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Black and Brown folks are so repressed by "whitey" (whatever that is) in the corporate world that they are systematically restricted from rising to the top of the corporate ladder (let's be clear - there's only ONE CEO!!! - I'm referring to positions of upper middle, and senior management). That spurious statement is an insult, as it ignores the very many successful B&B folks who are doing exceedingly well, working in collaborative, multiethnic corporate environments.

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Where do I begin?

“Lived Experience” is paramount if you have the right characteristics, but is less than worthless if you don’t.

Platforms - The ability to express one’s views is so immensely powerful that de-platforming is a sacred undertaking, yet when afforded an opportunity to exercise speech the woke often retort that others should “educate themselves” or fall back on lazy soundbites.

“Impact, not intent” is continuously hurled at well-meaning, good-faith actors who are doing “harm”, yet the woke seem to continually avoid any reckoning of the impact of their own actions while riding high on the “integrity” of their own intentions.

Silence - “White Silence is Violence”, but if you’re white and talking on behalf of a marginalized group you’re just centering yourself…

Allyship - You must be dedicated to the cause - but without agency. You can’t profess allyship - it is assigned to you. Educate yourself, but question nothing. Believe what you’re narrowly told, even when others from within the (black/trans/etc.) group have diverse views.

Woke narratives centre around empowering the disadvantaged, yet nearly all their strategies breed psychological disempowerment

Some corners of the woke community consider blackness a construct that can be ‘revoked’ from black people who reject woke ideology. But someone who adopts the construct can’t be inducted into blackness.

Black people who reject a black identity are often told that they CANNOT reject it because they are seen as black (i.e. by the cop that pulls them over), and therefore their identity is a negotiation. Yet Trans identities cannot be negotiated whatsoever.

Much lip service is paid to vulnerability and the embrace thereof. Yet this usually manifests as a hard shell of defensive resentment rather than a true opening and softening to reality.

The simultaneous focus on the SYSTEMIC nature of the -isms, with the increasingly granular focus on individual acts of microaggreassions.

They treat human value and dignity as if they can be removed or eliminated by others through oppression. But oppression is bad precisely because human value and dignity are inherent.

Safe spaces are required to shield the vulnerable from uncomfortable words and symbols, and even clapping and rustling noises can be banned in major contexts, but it’s fine to burn down minority-owned businesses and expose female rape survivors and prisoners to sexual abuse.

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There are over 500 million Spanish speakers globally and they're supposed to drop gender from the language and instead replace it with "X," which is difficult, if not impossible to pronounce in many words. The primary driver for this change comes from woke academics in the US (which in fairness has the second largest population of Spanish speakers in the world) who likely have little experience actually using the language with the millions who speak it in the US let alone the 20+ other countries where the language is spoken. To add to the sheer irony, the same academics often blabber about colonialism yet commit essentially the same crime as those they criticize. They are linguistically colonizing a colonizing language.

Attempts to "de-gender" the language also exist in the Spanish speaking world, but instead of "X" an "E" is used which is indeed much easier to pronounce. But this ideology is mostly stuck in the elites, particularly in academia.

For Nahuatl, add: coyote, guacamole, chili, mesquite, peyote, shack, tamale, tequila, mezcal, quetzal

Quechua: guano, coca, condor, jerky, lima, llama, quinoa

Guarani: acai, cashew, cayenne, cougar, jaguar, macaw, piranha, toucan, tapir

Maya: cenote

Aymara: alpaca

Maupudungun: poncho

Many US States are derived from Native American Languages too. Most offensive is Wyoming, which is derived from a people originally from the East, not the plains or Mountain West.

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You have to acknowledge that gender is determined, not observed, at birth.

And you have to acknowledge that gender 2, and genders with higher numbers, are at least as good at everything as gender 1.

And you have to acknowledge that gender 1 manages to systematically oppress all the other genders.

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Leftists deciding that the homeless are actually "unhoused." Words are powerful. Those that use this new term don't see how they aren't giving the homeless dignity, but are sanitizing a very sad and complex reality. In trying to help the homeless, they're sweeping them under the rug and not addressing core issues that lead to such a dire situation.

Leftists: They aren't mentally ill, drug addicted, formerly abused people who need carefully calibrated, individual help -- they just haven't found a place they can afford. A simplistic, blanket solution will work (and, with minimal involvement, make us feel like we're good people!).

Me, a former lefty: You're glossing over complex personal realities, yet you also say everyone is a damn snowflake and their "lived experience" must be worshipped.


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Believe all women - unless they accuse someone on our side.

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I cannot articulate it ass well as you would or Duglas Murray does in "The madness of crowds" but there is no opposite to mansplainig.

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The last 5/6 minutes of this interview with Freddie Sayers and David Sachs defines the hypocrisy around current censorship tactics, democracy, and authoritarianism really, really well.


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