Just to let you know Heather, I tweeted this ok and then followed my own link here. Elon seems to have quietly relented, or resolved his issues with Substack.

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My Covid dissent has often directed me to consider the prior skepticism about AIDS research/response. So I’ve watched my share of grainy video interviews and mini documentaries on sites like bit chute.

I am glad to learn of this book with a forward by Mark Crispin Miller (who also forwarded The Grey Lady Winked which documents the astonishing history of misreporting by the New York Times).

I actually lived in the epicenter of Houston’s AIDS crisis from 1981-84 because my widowed mother was, for a time, a Fag Hag (an older straight woman who exclusively hung out with gay men). We shared a house in a gay neighborhood.

Interestingly, it is gay men who are now employed throughout Big Pharma. It seems like intentional co-opting & manipulating of your biggest critics. That symbiotic relationship should perhaps be a very unsettling cautionary tale. There are billions to be made making everyone dependent on pharmaceuticals. There is little money in health.

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Dr. Heying,

Thank you for highlighting this important work. It is important for those of us who were present during the AIDS crisis to make sure the story is told correctly.

I am now old. With age comes perspective. As a young man, I had the unfortunate task of signing multiple death certificates every day. This was done on patients my own age, who had largely died horrible deaths and were often abandoned by their families and friends. Again, perspective. That was terrible. But we maintained ourselves with composure and soldiering on. I look at how the young people in medicine have behaved the past 3 years and shake my head. It is not just the science you point out, although that is very important. It is also having the common sense and mercy and dignity not to scorn and ridicule those under your care that were suffering. Watching video after video of young doctors laughing at the unvaxxed, scoffing them as they were intubating them, denigrating them in the lounges, planning out how to strip them of benefits etc has been a true eye-opener. All the while, this behavior modeled and empowered by some of our leading medical "ethicists". What a show.

We had scoffers and laughers back then too - they were from the far Religious Right. Now, in this era, it was far worse, and it came from the "enlightened ones."

It has forever altered my interactions with my fellow man.

For a brief time after AIDS, I was foolish enough to believe that lessons had been learned. How wrong I was.

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Excellent writeup. RFK jr refers to Farber's book frequently.

Would love for you and Bret to engage Dr. Bailey's (Mark and Sam) work on the 'no virus' hypothesis. They released some articles last year drawing the same parallels between AIDS and C19 pandemics https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/viruses-unplugged/the-yin-yang-of-hiv-part-one/

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"...when next they show up."

The more we know what to look for, the better off we are.

But we have to look.

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I am reading Ms Farbers book. Scary stuff. The parallels with the Covid-19 scamdemic are chilling. Orthodoxy has pushed science into the background as Big Pharma gets bigger. And the defenestration of Dr Duseberg because he pursued a simple question: if no other retroviruses cause cell death, why does HIV seem to do so? Even Luc Montenier, the discoverer of HIV thinks that there are additional factors that lead to AIDS. Yet the HIV/AIDS industrial complex, Big Pharma and the researchers that they support refuse to publicly consider that HIV may not in fact cause AIDS by itself or even at all. HIV may prove to be just an opportunitic infection of compromised immune systems. This may be the explanation of why a vaccine has never been developed. Big Pharma has decided that HIV is the only cause of AIDS and their toxic treatments are the only chance of survival. Any dissenters are ridiculed and ruined. Big Pharma seems to have been suspiciously well prepared for Covid-19 and well placed to get absurdly wealthy off a cure that doesn't work as reported against a disease that doesn't kill as reported.

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I’m convinced that you and/or Bret should interview Canadian journalist Trish Wood (podcast:Trish Wood is Critical) as she was actively investigating Fauci during the early AIDS debacle and outed him as a dishonest broker, way back then. She would definitely be amenable, and I think the conversation could be quite enlightening.

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I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi about 10 years ago in a very remote village disconnected from modernity. The locals would say “it was just AIDS” when anyone died. There was no testing available in my village, so everyone presumed AIDS was the primary cause of death to anyone at any age in any health condition. I thought it was so strange. I suspected malaria was the greater threat. Easier to treat and prevent as well.

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Celia Farber has endured a hell of a lot - not just ridicule and censure but frothing hatred, including death threats and people sharing fantasies of her torture and murder. Very brave woman, and I'm so delighted to see Heather Heying, another favorite person of mine, giving her work the attention it deserves.

For those looking to read more, Neville Hodgkinson's "AIDS: The Failure of Contemporary Science" is also good, and of course Peter Duesberg's "Inventing the AIDS Virus." Henry Bauer has done excellent work on AIDS and on science in general. https://scimedskeptic.wordpress.com/

Also, check out the documentary "House of Numbers: Anatomy of an Epidemic." When it premiered in NYC in 2009, there were protestors outside the theater screaming at those of us attending. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvDqjXTByF4

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On Heather’s recommendation I did get this outstanding audiobook. I was expecting it to reveal the tragic “dress rehearsal” for Covid, which it does.

But THIS, as Heather summarizes:

Those who refused the toxic medications were out of “treatment compliance.” African Americans were particularly suspect of the new treatments, and thus particularly likely to be out of treatment compliance. Some parents who refused to give their at-risk children the toxic medications had their children taken from them because of their failure to comply.

was the tragic “dress rehearsal” for the removal of children from parents who are refusing “affirming medical intervention” (ie sterilization) today. I was not prepared for that.

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Dr. Heying,

The essence of this message is that I believe you (and especially Bret) have been looking for this information for several years. The rest of the note is explanation.

Debbie Lerman: How America’s National Security Complex Took Over the Pandemic Response - an interview titled “Covid Derangement Syndrome.”


Of course my hope is that after you listen, you will begin to spread the information broadly.

Ms. Lerman works for Brownstone Institute; the interview is by JAN JEKIELEK at Epoch Times.

I have listened to the Dark Horse podcast since about January of 2020, while you and Bret wrestled with the decision of vaccination for yourselves and your sons. My husband (79) & I (74) were struggling with the same decision. We eventually were vaccinated, as the only way to hug or touch or be in the same room with our 4 children and 10 grandchildren. I literally considered it most likely an act of sacrifice for my family and for society. So far, it appears that David and I have escaped unscathed, though of course we will never really know. (We are relatively fit for our age; we have followed a KETO diet since 2019; and I used Ivermectin when I had covid, which lasted 2 days.)

I have heard Bret say, repeatedly, during the vaccine roll out and implementation, that there had to be a reason behind the consistently “wrong” decisions of Fauci; he could not have been so consistent without an agenda. I totally agree.

For the first time, I have now heard a well-researched and believable description of the agenda.

Debbie Lerman had exactly the same unrest and compulsion during the vaccine campaign as you did. WHY? Nothing made sense. The more she dug, the more she believed there must be a “rest of the story.”

Ms. Lerman is an author who, in retirement, turned artist and art educator. She sent a letter outlining issues and concerns and questions to newspapers and media outlets – with zero response. She sent the same letter to her friends – with only negative responses. (She, like almost everyone I listen to and follow, was liberal before the pandemic. She, like I, has become estranged from most of her friendship group.) Eventually, she learned of Brownstone and submitted a document to them. She was contacted immediately, began working with and for them, and eventually wrote articles exposing official government documents to explain the how and why of the pandemic response.

Her research explains the background of Fauci’s absolute refusal to use known and proven pandemic measures, to stop all research early, to ignore side effects during trials and afterwards, to declare success in the middle of a disaster, and to suffer no blame for the damages caused by the measures he supported.

I hope you will listen to the podcast presentation on her research. I regret that it is currently behind Epoch Times’s paywall. I believe that as it becomes commonly known, even the MMM will not be able to ignore it. Though, they are amazingly proficient at ignoring the “other” side of any story. I believe that still ignore the existence of the Twitter Files. Astounding!!

It has been enjoyable and reassuring to me that during the 3 or so years of our “acquaintance,” I have seen you become acquainted with and even compatriots of an ever widening world of very diverse people – but actually, people who share a basic point of view. We have to talk to and learn from people we disagree with. We have to question. We have to think.

Sandi Wood

(I would have sent this privately had I known a way to do that. )

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