Love your work and cogent analysis. While Big Pharma execs and staff responsible for this atrocity deserve hard time in the Big House, they are powerless without collaboration from Big Brother and the attendant alphabet soup of regulatory agencies (CDC, FDA, NIH, etc.)

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I dodged the bullet. I had such a bad reaction to the first Moderna jab (very painful blood clot in the injection site) that I never went back for the second, larger dose. So glad now that I didn't. The majority of the earlier issues seem to have been associated with the second jab. I only took the jab in hopes of not infecting my elderly mother, believing the lie that the pseudo-vaccine would prevent giving the disease to another. There MUST be a reckoning for those that pushed this untested ( or at least insufficiently tested) on the world!

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Thank you to you and Bret for reporting on all of this. The question is: will reporting on it change anything? Whether it does or not is besides the point. The ethical thing to do is to report on it.

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Hello Heather,

My husband and I resisted the jabs for a myriad of reasons: a rushed vaccine never seemed like a good idea; questions and concerns expressed by doctors and scientists were censored and silenced; experts who were treating Covid patients with therapeutics even before the jabs were available were dismissed and threatened with losing their license to practice: and other doctors who saw concerning signals (Dr. Ryan Cole, the pathologist) were ridiculed. These were all RED FLAGS, not the actions of people who are following the science.

The vast majority of people in our social circles took the jabs and even double boosters. Many of them have since contracted Covid. We got Covid in July while in Michigan. Even though we had Ivermectin (from India so ingredients not assured) and all the other recommended therapeutics, I called Dr. Kory's office and they shipped meds to us overnight to the hotel where we were staying. We took all the recommended actions and were down for about 3-4 days, mostly from fatigue. We've both had worse cases of the flu. Though we know there are risks, we decided to aim for the natural immunity route since our only risk factors was our ages (62 and 74). It worked out and I'm sure our mild cases had to do in part with the fact we had the less severe Omicron variant.

Each day, the truth bubbles up to the surface. I hope those responsible are held to account from the development of the virus to the vaccine mandates and vaxxing children. What a complete disaster for our country and the world. Our faith in the medical institutions has been shattered.

Thanks to you and Brett for standing your ground and being voices of reason in the wilderness.

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Sep 27, 2022·edited Sep 27, 2022

Although it may be a good tactical first step for Malhotra to finger corporations, the truth is that we are suffering from the merging of governments and corporations. The fancy word for this is corporatism; the old-fashioned word is fascism. That's the psychopathic entity.

The government need do no more than declare a public health emergency, and

1. the government frees corporations from liability if they develop an EUA drug,

2. the FDA works hand in glove with corporations to set pathetic requirements for safety and efficacy to get the EUA,

3. the government prints all the money to buy this drug from corporations and to market this drug and suppress dissent, and

4. the government mandates injecting this drug into Americans based on where you work or go to school or want to travel.

Sorry, but the corporate tail did not wag the government dog. The government dog wanted this pandemic and this drug.

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And the smoothly acceptable term for fascism right now is "public-private partnerships" just like the dangerous mRNA shot is a "vaccine". Smooth, acceptable terms.

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First off, I would say that the doctor's attempts to leverage your position as a parent with respect to Toby and cajoling him into getting vaccinated would, as Jordan Peterson puts it, be considered morally reprehensible in a different timeline.

For all intents and purposes it's rather interesting that we can draw parallels between the mainstream press and government official's use of them for evidence. It's like how these forever wars are propagated by some tenuous report made by the likes of The New York Times or The Washington Post which fuels the CIA to go looking for evidence based on these reports. We shouldn't be surprised that many doctors are doing the same thing here with COVID or really any other medical treatment where, rather than look at the evidence themselves, they turn to brokers such as journalists and pharmaceutical reps to tell them how great an intervention is.

It's another example in which science is being brokered not by actual good-faith scientists but people who may have a financial or social leg in the game to push certain narratives. The public's perception of science is driven by the reporting of science leading to a recursive loop, and it's something that I think scientists may have taken for granted for a while.

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I never got these injections and never will...

My husband got three... 2 Pfizer and 1 Moderna.

He then also suffered a massive heart attack a few months later, followed by quadruple bypass surgery with some complications, notably internal bleeding... requiring 2 emergency blood transfusions... from 2 conflicting pharmaceutical drugs, given to him on the same prescription list. Drugs which... according to one doctor... should never be prescribed simultaneously.

The surgeon doing the open heart surgery commented on my husband's "thick blood"... which I am convinced is as a direct result of the injections, after everything I have read and listened to from doctors, (true) scientists including a highly qualified pathologist.

Even though his "event" occurred months after his 3rd injection, NOTHING would convince me that these shots did not at the very least contribute to his SUDDEN deterioration.

On the topic of "vaccines" in general, I MUST strongly disagree with your opinion/position.

I don't have time to lay it all out in my own words, and will therefore direct your attention towards one who has done a marvelous job of it ... imo...

PLEASE consider the following:

Dissolving my vaxxed illusions:



And PLEASE keep doing what you and Bret are doing. I LOVE that you have shared your inquiring minds with us through this tumultuous time! 🙏🏼💜🙏🏼

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One more thing... When my husband wanted to know if there might be a correlation between chronic spike protein production within his body and his various "mysterious" symptoms, including the thickening of his blood, leading to 25% capacity of heart function, when he was admitted to the emergency early in July, his medical team SLOUGHED OFF his concerns and questions.


It is DESPICABLE... beyond words!!

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I was at a local CVS this evening and overheard two women chatting in line at the pharmacy counter, obviously strangers just passing the time.

I didn't hear the beginning of their interaction but somehow they quickly landed on Covid.

Woman #1 said her elderly mother died in a nursing home during lockdowns, not from Covid itself, but because they couldn't visit her except through the window. Her mental health deteriorated and she eventually stopped eating and wasted away from the loneliness. This woman also said her otherwise healthy 50 year old brother in law had a stroke the day after getting a Covid shot.

This prompted Woman #2 to exclaim: "I had a stroke, too! Just two days after my shot! It was a blood clot—I suddenly couldn't speak and was rushed to the hospital!"

Hearing them I had to wonder: what are the chances that a "safe and effective" "vaccine" would result in two random strangers being able to spontaneously bond with personal stories of strokes occurring right after the shot? And how many times over has that scene been repeated across America and world, or could be?

Thank you, Heather, for your clear and honest framing of the current mess we are in. May the many Dr. Malhotras that are out there find the will to stand up and speak, join the fight for truth and justice.

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Heather, I became aware of you and Bret back in the Evergreen fiasco. I have been listening to Dark Horse since late 2020 and you and Bret have accompanied me on many walks in the woods with my dogs. I bought multiple copies of Hunter Gatherer pre publication and gave some away. Bret introduced me to Dr. Malone in June 2021 and I have followed and supported he (and Steve Kirsch) since. Thank you.

My son and his wife (a science and biology teacher, biomedical undergrad) have researched and followed your information closely. They fought masks in schools, live in a large college town in New England where science is ignored. They have decided they need to protect their three small children by leaving for a rural southern state where they can have a degree of self sufficiency. It is a sad decision but I support it and may follow.

You mention often that people tell you that you made a difference in their lives. Your science knowledge supported my original skeptism about virulence, treatment and relative risk. I buy IVM and HCQ for my family and others when I travel to Mexico. That has helped others.

My wife and I did not curtail travel in 2020 or 2021 and suffered no ill effects. Just a short infection one time. You have been right. I know Bret will identify a few things he missed, but overall you two have been thoughtful, moderate, patient and essentially, effectively right.

I have shared with others and much fell on deaf ears. At this point it is difficult to watch people suffer from the shot, reinfections and seeming ignorance. The capacity for deceit and denial on all levels, personal, professional, medical establishment, public health, governmental is frightening and worse.

You introduced me to Mathew Crawford and I have followed closely he and most of the "Disinformation Dozen" and more since 2020. You have been lights in a darkness. I have tried to share your insights and those of others with some success. Critical thinking is rare it seems.

You made a difference for me and most of my family. For that I am deeply grateful to you, Bret and your family, with a shout out to Producer Zach.

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To date, thirty-one humans including, neighbors, close friends, acquaintances, and family members--including my offspring have complied. Of these thirty-one, two developed cancer and within two months of the diagnosis, their bodies had it as one put it, "everywhere". Needless to say, both of them are no longer living.

Most all of them have reported various things; brain fog, heart problems, getting sick with covid over and over, headaches, weird periods, falling accidents, not feeling the same...&, &, &, &...

They all complied for various reasons, to travel, to continue working, to do it so as not to be judged for not doing it, going along to get along. The saddest to me, however, are the handful I know who did it because they truly did not want to make anyone else sick.

And in my mind, each day that passes where only puts the worry and concern in the future tense; my God, what may happen to them down the road, years from now?

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Once again, your grace outs. You're absolutely too gentle.

"“shouldn’t it be his decision? You’ve forced him to this.”" This is emblematic of the whole problem. A doctor suggesting a 15 year old should be able to make their own decisions on medical issues, on his own expert advice, no doubt, is a slap in the face of parenthood and an outright assault on children. It's gone far past vax issues, to gender and sexuality issues, to identity; from medicine to education to culture. A slap in the doctor's face, with a firm, "No, it definitely should NOT be his decision.," was probably called for. (I'm guessing you don't do much slapping :-))

Then, "most of the people doing bad things are not inherently bad themselves." Yes, they are bad. Very bad, because they never questioned their orders, they never investigated further, they refuse to stop and consider, and they profit from their error. They are bad people and they deserve our scorn. It's too late now for them to say "I didn't know." Better to realize that they SHOULD know and they refuse to re-examine.

Still, your kindness is soothing. Thanks for that.

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What we have is a grand pyramid scheme of abused trust. The information is so confidently delivered and the trust level is so high that people within the system are simply unable to conceive that the level above them could be lying.

The system is therefore very easily used for nefarious purposes all while the participants across multiple levels genuinely believe they are doing the “right” thing.

It’s genius really.

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Thank you for everything you do. You are my sanity amidst the madness. You and Bret are amazing humans. Be well.

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I can appreciate how much courage and determination it takes to stand up to a doctor. I once argued with a doctor against going through a test procedure. I made a straightforward Bayes' Theorem calculation. Given that my baseline level of risk was low and the prevalence of the symptom that he was focused on is very high, there was almost no chance that the test would reveal a problem. He responded by calling my wife and making it sound like I was out of my mind, because he had never heard of this Bayes that I was talking about. I ended up going for the unnecessary procedure.

But I switched doctors. A doctor who employs that sort of psychological pressure when he cannot respond to your arguments is not a doctor one can trust.

It's too bad that everything is so political nowadays. I am in no position to evaluate the vaccine based on my own knowledge. If you are correct, then the political deck is stacked against findings that are adverse to the vaccine. That makes the scientific process corrupt.

For me, it is classic case of having to decide what to believe based on deciding who to believe. But not every independent-minded expert agrees with you that the risks of the vaccine outweigh the benefits.

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Long past the time I should have shown financial support for Heather and Brent. This is a great article and seems to posit the most important things that need to be known. Very grateful to both of you being there over the past few years.

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Methodical, well-evidenced arguments for something are so rare these days. It's a breath of fresh air to read this. Thank you.

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