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I'm a skeptical grumpy old man leading a life of faith as a traditional Roman Catholic. You and Bret are national treasures. Your podcasts give me hope and are comforting reminders that goodwill and sanity still exist. And yes, I did read your wonderful book.

The COVID craziness exposed how science can be captured and compromised. Many laymen, not having a good understanding of research design and statistics, took refuge in "faith in the authorities" which led, as you so well point out, to the "faithful" telling the skeptics to follow the science. Irony unbounded, huh?

You and Bret should consider doing a "Research Design and Statistics for Laymen" podcast. Explain the key elements of good and sort of good research designs. Give examples of good, sort of good, and bad research designs. Discuss the significance of measures of significance. What are "P" values? Give gobs of examples. I firmly believe that every high school graduate should understand research design and statistics. It should be a mandatory component of a liberal arts education as much as reading Dante. The goal should be to turn the "faithful" into truth-loving skeptics.

Grumpy old men everywhere salute you!

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The I f*ing love science people are doing a great injustice to the rest of us. Accepting scientific pronouncements from "established scientists" is the OPPOSITE of scientific skepticism. Just another part of modern society that has been corrupted by the scramble for research funding.

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Thank you for this wonderful epiphany! I don't agree with you and Bret on many things, yet my admiration and respect for you is inexplicable. As a lifelong skeptic, it's beautiful to find like-minded friends. Wish I could give you both a gigantic hug.

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Holy, what a wild ride in just 5.5 minutes, so brilliant that I am speechless, you captured EXACTLY how all us skeptics think, and how we are all judged. I am sending this out to a few choice family members, who I have given up convincing (never works) but just seek a titch of respect from.

I was told the other day that I "only listen to sources to support my set viewpoint." GAG! this is wonderful Heather, thank you SO MUCH, and to the Grumpy Man below me (Mike) also brilliantly said!

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Yes, frequently the authority tends to be wrong. It also tries hard to squash new approaches and new ideas from springing up.

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