Nov 30, 2021

Higher Ed Needs a Reboot - audio edition

But being “anti-woke” won’t be sufficient

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Heather Heying
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Here is the second of my two long pieces on higher ed from recent weeks. The first—The Twin Virtues of Trust and Uncertainty—is available to all in print. The audio edition is available to paying subscribers.

Here, too, is the video of the talk that I gave at the Department of Justice in 2018, which is referenced in this essay.

Finally: one brief excerpt from today’s essay (in print here):

Thus, if college faculty are to be granted the opportunity to educate, my simple rubric for what need be true of them is this:

  1. Know real things.

  2. Be able to communicate those things.

  3. Fundamentally believe in the humanity of your students.

It seems a low bar, this rubric, but it’s one that many faculty do not meet.