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I wish I could express how much your newsletter has come to mean to me. It is a clear bell of thinking in a world that has become muddled and alien in many ways.

I am with the truckers and tried to support them financially. The Trudeau government is going to try to crush these people in the most hideous and secretive way by going after their bank accounts. These are working people without deep savings and financial resources. One or two weeks without access to their accounts will mean dire consequences for them. Trudeau is cruel and evil.

The American convoys are forming up now to drive to D. C. The local organizer has asked to support them in the form of gas cards, food and water. Real, tangible goods can't be frozen by a totalitarian government. Can't happen here? Biden invoked emergency powers similar to what Trudeau did on Friday. It sure can happen here.

God bless you Heather for helping all of us stay informed and fight the good fight.

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Thank you for continuing the coverage of the happenings in Ottawa and Canada as a whole. I was watching Viva Frei's coverage of the vote to approve the Emergencies Act and it was quite an unsettling stream. Viva and his co-streamer Runkle were visibly upset with the outcome, to the point that Viva swore several times (he tries to avoid doing so).

This approval, and really everything related to COVID tends to parallel one another. Omicron has cause all previous measures against COVID to be made obsolete, and yet in many aspects some of them continue with renewed vigor. The truckers have left Ottawa, and yet Trudeau still finds it necessary to provide himself and the Liberal Party of Canada even more powers to quash...what exactly?

At this point any public policy being made is being done so with the attempt to hold onto the last bit of power they can. COVID was hardly ever about science or medicine, it was about finding a niche to obtain power and exert power, and at a time when people should be giving up their powers they would rather hold on under the guise that an ever-looming threat against democracy will emerge and must be dealt with, for the sake of social order.

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Thank you for this description and these pictures, Heather.

This psychological and information war is astounding, and I don't understand how people are so blind, and not only willing to hand over their own freedoms, but gladly hand mine over as well. This is the fight of our lifetime, and I pray that in 2022 those who value freedom and individuality all over the world will be strong enough to ensure that at this fork in the road, we take the right path.


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Maajid Nawaz on the last JRE suggested government is acting under advisement of “military grade psychological operation” in order to further an authoritarian agenda. Justin Trudeau is a polished, practiced actor, and he is dishing out what he is told. If resistance is what is necessary, it has to have the same intelligence, coordination, and slickness that is on display. My fear is they too will play whack-a-mole with those that will coordinate such efforts. It's all happened so fast, I think it has been planned.

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What a remarkable piece. Do we know how to slow down the forces already in motion? (the forces of division, dehumanization). Any lessons from history, as to how to avert this? I'm inherently pessimistic (a flaw I'm intensely working on). We seem to be unable to learn "generic" lessons from history (I apologize for the word, couldn't think of a better one, English is not my native language).

What I mean is this: People who believe and support Trudeau see themselves as informed and educated. Surely opposed to racism, fascism, totalitarianism. They are ever vigilant of nazism, white supremacy, antisemitism (which would constitute SPECIFIC lessons of history), though I doubt that such awful and dark chapters of history would be repeated in the same fashion. A "Generic" lesson of history (acknowledgement of the timeless imperfections of human nature) would allow us to detect other possible manifestations: Anti-white racism, CRT, Enforced Equity, Reclassification of Terrorism, Criminalization of Dissent, etc.

"Othering"... seems like a clear generic lesson of history we are far from learning. But in our current state of arrogance, our present circumstances justify the othering. And othering in 2022 is not othering, we tell ourselves. We are surely more sophisticated than those previous generations who managed to find a justification for "othering", we tell ourselves. I actually hear this, from people around me. As if our remarkable technology, relative prosperity and supposed education had removed us from the realm of flawed beings with numerous psychological quirks, and had placed us instead into a state of perfect reasoning machines.

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Fantastic article, Heather! Things are happening so quickly here in Canada. Just today, I joined a group of hundreds of concerned Canadians who are gathering information on how to apply for political asylum and leave the country. As it is right now, we cannot leave the country without a vaxport. The vitriol from those Canadians who have vaxports, and thus qualify for the 'treats', is shocking and heartbreaking.

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Thank you so much for your ongoing coverage. This whole day I and many other Canadians have been deep in shock and grief. It is hard to remember the wave of hope and goodwill that Trudeau started with in 2015. Remember when you had Trump and we had this tattooed Greek god in yoga poses? Sure, he was inexperienced, but so charismatic. Give the boy a chance, right? I fear this whole drama is just beginning. Time to get to know your neighbours, people. The real ones next door in meat space.

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This was posted to Dr. Malone's Substack by a follower, you and your followers may appreciate as well. Perhaps can be a leading theme for the US convoy:

"Stephanie Brail

Writes Wholistic ·Feb 20·edited Feb 20

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion here but I've been covering the Canadian convoy a lot on my Substack in the past week and I made a "parody song" of Mad World where I mention the truckers (and Fauci and Trudeau) - https://wholistic.substack.com/p/mad-world-parody-faucis-world - I'm hoping more people will see it since I worked hard on it. Thank you!"

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What is this apathy? The lack of love for this world? Why do we not feel compassion towards our fellow humans and other species of life? What have we become? Hard questions need answering. My heart breaks.

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Many people are puzzled, not to say scandalized, by the double standard evident in Canada when it comes to the people's right to protest. Whereas the truckers protesting peacefully in Ottawa are vilified and treated as criminals, the mobs that destroy private property, topple statues, set fires to churches, vandalize CGL pipeline sites are treated with understanding and clemency and in some cases are looked up to.

You'd think that, in Canada, we are all equal under the law. But, as Trudeau's Emergency Act makes clear, we are wrong about that:

Emergency Measures Regulations: SOR/2022-21

(2) Subsection (1):

A person must not participate in a public assembly that may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of the peace by:

• (a) the serious disruption of the movement of persons or goods or the serious interference with trade;

• (b) the interference with the functioning of critical infrastructure; o,

• (c) the support of the threat or use of acts of serious violence against persons or property.

(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to:

• (a) a person registered as an Indian under the Indian Act;

• (b) a person who has been recognized as a convention refugee or a person in similar circumstances to those of a Convention refugee within the meaning of subsection 146(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations who is issued a permanent resident visa under subsection 139(1) of those regulations;

• (c) a person who has been issued a temporary resident permit within the meaning of subsection 24(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and who seeks to enter Canada as a protected temporary resident under subsection 151.1(2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations;

• (d) a person who seeks to enter Canada for the purpose of making a claim for refugee protection.

• (e) a protected person (defined as a person on whom refugee protection is conferred and whose claim or application has not been subsequently deemed to be rejected);

• (f) a person or any person in a class of persons whose presence in Canada, as determined by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration or the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, is in the national interest.

So, If you are not registered as an Indian, if you're not a foreigner, but happen to be just an ordinary Canadian citizen, your right to participate in a public assembly is not protected.

I find the last exception (f) to this Subsection of the Act particularly revealing.Trudeau's Green & Woke Agenda have been at the center of his policies. He likely considers people who support these agendas to be "persons whose presence in Canada is in the national interest". We should not be surprised that he’s guarantying their protection.

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You’ve described it so clearly and simply. I’m moved by human sensibilities, strength, desire for truth and compassion even against powerful forces. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” My thanks to all of you who are doing something in your own way, big or small. Our Creator instilled in us the understanding that we are meant to be free.

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Heather, your writings always give me affirmation that my beliefs are worthy of consideration and voice and that amidst what sometimes seems the destruction of freedom, there is hope!

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You echo my own thoughts from January. Those of us who looked into history and saw the darkness saw that each of us posesses it in our own hearts too.

We must resist.


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Some out there are commenting or writing articles that are alarming about UN involvement and perhaps UN control of Canada since the truckers left: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-02-21-canada-has-fallen-un-occupation-globalist-control-democracy.html

There has also long been writing about the very odd agreements that politicians from a variety of countries have made with the WHO that seems to supercede our own constitutions as if those signatures had authority or were legal: https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/policies/coronavirus/pandemic-treaty/

Pelham at Twitter is discussing this:



WHO treaty to override a countries constitution in future “PANDEMICS”

WHO Constitution will take precedence over a country's constitution during natural disasters or pandemics

This would make their “guidelines” mandatory to the public of all countries who sign up."

How can these events be better confirmed or followed?

So if Canada loses this then what? How do Canada and US work together to resist it?

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I'm so sorry for what you have endured and I'm sorry for the hardships your granddaughters have endured. Remember that not everyone who is double shotted will have side effects and for some people it DOES seem to work. Regarding early protocols; my doctors refused to prescribe any antivirals, saying because I was vaccinated I would be fine in 5 days. Well, I'm not fine. I was leery to take the ivermectin I ordered, at great cost, on the internet because lupus has messed with my kidneys and I knew if the ivm made them an issue, that my doctors would brand me a kook and non-compliant and I may even have lost the codeine prescription I need to keep me through my flares. It is not as simple as finding a new dr when you are on SSDI. NONE of my doctors prescribed any of the early treatments except one medical study I was enrolled in for fenofibrate, a drug that may treat it. I had no access to any of the antivirals. I don't understand why doctors aren't prescribing it.

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Heather, I greatly respect your work as someone also exiled from academia during proto-woke uprisings that threatened my own safety and the safety of a pregnant colleague. I am grateful for your calm and sane words regarding the immutability of biology. I am on SSDI as covid completely disabled me due to my autoimmune condition. My sister caught covid before any vaccines where available and had a stroke from a mild case. Her heart stopped as well. She requires a form of chemotherapy to walk that ironically makes her more vulnerable to reinfection. I just have this to say and paid for my account just to comment this: don't you care about truly immunocompromised people out there, people like my sister and I, who still have to walk and be in the world? These convoy protests were dangerous because they bring people together to spread a virus during a surge. At the risk of being piled on here --- don't you and Ashleigh care that people who deny the severity and existence of covid put our lives at risk? Covid is a vascular illness and a chimeric virus. It is an engineered bioweapon. It breaks my heart that the vaccines don't work. I wish we had the kind that the Cubans and Vietnamese are using. It just seems that by celebrating those who gathered together during a surge (the convoy began before the surge was winding down), that people are saying that they are tired of considering the existence of people like me and don't care if we die horribly and painfully and alone from covid. I lost my uncle and aunt to the virus. My sister was permanently disabled. I am now disabled. Don't we deserve to walk freely without worrying we will be accosted for wearing masks, as some people were by this convoy. And for what it is worth I don't believe in mandates and think the virus and the war were engineered by the WEF to usher in the great reset. So I'm no liberal.

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