Thank you, Heather. I am Canadian and will be going to Ottawa to ILLEGALLY hand out cookies (the Ottawa Police have said it's illegal to give food to the truckers). Beautiful faces, beautiful people. Take a look at how this old man was assaulted and arrested for honking his horn. We're hearing that Justin Trudeau will be invoking a telecommunications BLACKOUT to block people from witnessing more of this when they arrest the truckers.


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First off, I'm enjoying the amount of attention that Viva Frei has been getting! I've been watching his Sunday podcast with Robert Barnes for more than a year at this point. It's a very good case study of someone who, for all intents and purposes, was a bit naïve to the goings on of COVID who then really criticized a lot of the narrative that has been happening these past few months.

One thing that I've noticed, which has left me truly disheartened, was the viewpoints of the counter protesters. I've not only seen displays of love, community, and peace from the actual protesters, but that any criticisms or castigations that they have of the COVID narrative have all been targeted at the powers that be. Whether it's members of parliament, Trudeau himself, or any medical agencies the criticisms were always targeted at the higher institutions of power.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the counter protesters, who's constant reassertions that the vaccines are "safe and effective", that everyone must do their part to get vaccinated or else they will never get their freedoms back, have all been targeted at both the protesters and the truckers. Instead of launching their attacks at the powers that be, they have instead focused their attentions on their fellow citizens, in particular ones who have kept the livelihoods of millions of Americans and Canadians going long before any notion of vaccines were available.

The most obvious example of this includes the rampant flags and signs from posters of "Fuck Trudeau" or "Let's go Brandeau" seen in all of these livestreams. Whether we find these objectionable or unsavory, there's not doubt that the criticisms are being launched at a man who holds the highest power in Canada.

But what about the counter protesters? Constant signs suggesting that these freedom protesters are white supremacists, that they are terrorists who have occupied Ottawa in a manner akin to what we saw on January 6th here in the US. Also, let's not forget the creative signs stating "honk if you have little dick energy".

At a time when the narrative seems to be collapsing all across the globe, and that people are starting to attack those in power, I find it so disheartening to see those who have been so deeply entrenched within the COVID narrative justifying their actions of attacking their fellow man and defending the likes of politicians and pharmaceutical giants over attempting to empathize with these truckers and attempt to make sense of the situation at large.

I think this week will be a real turning point in how Canada moves forward with their draconian policies, and here in the US we should either look to what's happening as a sign of hope or as a warning sign for what's to come here.

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The slandering of the protestors by the media and The Duplicitous Ken doll makes my blood boil.

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Sometimes humans are SO beautiful!

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Beautiful faces. All of them. All the way inside. Thank you for sharing their photos and I look forward to further postings and stories about them. What the truckers and their supporters are doing is a courageous and contagious thing. The right side loves them for it and the wrong side hates them. Your compassion and support of them is heartfelt and true - I could see it in your face on your livestream last Sunday, when holding back your tears was nearly impossible and one could hear the lump in your throat while you spoke about the convoy. #TruckTrudeau #CANADIANTRUCKERSFREEDOMCONVOY

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I have watched hours of Viva Frei in Ottawa. All I have seen are ordinary people displaying courtesy, kindness and commitment. Anathema to the Global Totalitarian Left which spews vitriol and lies.

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Heather & Dan, thanks so much for this. These pics and folks bring tears to my eyes and hope for our children. They calm the enraged beast in me that yearns to be loosed no matter the cost.

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Thank you, Heather, for helping. I've been watching and listening to Viva's livestreams as much as possible.

Those on the other side have to remain steadfastly incurious (a word I picked up somewhere) to what is going on outside of their bubble so that they don't get confused between the narrative and reality.

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This is absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing. Since when did it become OK to outsource our sense-making to 3rd parties, when 1st person is readily available via the great work of individuals like Viva, Dan and the reporting apparatus of sites like Rebel News?

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Now is the time to stand up for freedom!

Here is the mayor of Ottawa’s contact information and a script to copy and paste into the email or use to leave a message on the phone.

Mayer of Ottawa

110 Laurier Ave. West Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1 (613) 580-2496 jim.Watson@Ottawa.ca

You are on the wrong side of history.

Talk to the Convoy Truckers.

Talk instead of snippers on roofs.

You ordered guns pointed at your citizens.

Are you going to kill your own citizens?


Make history… Sit at a table with the convoy leaders and talk. Make it a public live stream conversation. Be transparent and honest instead of a tyrant on the wrong side of history.

Give to Freedom Convoy


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Beautiful Human Beings

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Feb 9, 2022Liked by Heather Heying

Thank you, Heather. Thank you from Arlington, Massachusetts. Your lens makes it easier for me to share non pharma sponsored reports with my important people who watch legacy media and are living in the 'Truman Show'.

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Those faces should bury the accusation that the convoy is a bunch of racists. Beautiful portraits.

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Beautiful representation of what freedom truly stands for. Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you Heather!

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the easiest way and very very reliable, is to take what the blue checks and the media are saying, and assume the opposite is true.

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