Natural Selections - audio editions

If it evolved, it's fair game: from jungles to hospitals, from herons and ghost moths to vitamin D and viruses, these reads of weekly essays cover lots of ground.

Fact Checkers Aren't Scientists - Audio EditionListen now (14 min) | Too Often, They're Censors
Higher Ed Needs a Reboot - audio editionListen now | But being “anti-woke” won’t be sufficient
On Food and Gratitude - audio editionListen now | Thanksgiving 2021
The Twin Virtues of Trust & Uncertainty - audio editionListen now (23 min) | Higher Ed, take one
Protect Children - audio editionListen now (10 min) | Do Not Allow Them to Medically Transition
Zombies (now with more sound)Listen now (4 min) | Special Halloween Edition
Vitamin D Deficiency and Covid-19: Audio editionListen now (24 min) | Make D while the sun shines (And when the sun doesn't shine, supplement)
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