May 22, 2022 • 10M

What has cultural appropriation done for you lately? - audio edition

Learning from snow monkeys and Monty Python

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Heather Heying
Audio reads of articles from Natural Selections: If it evolved, it's fair game: from jungles to hospitals, from herons and ghost moths to vitamin D and viruses, these reads of weekly essays cover lots of ground. Did you find an article on the main site that you want to hear rather than see? Most likely it's available here, for paying subscribers.
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…So, what has cultural appropriation done for you lately?

Well…it did give us written language, algebra, astronomy, agriculture, and a diversity of extraordinary musical traditions (and instruments!). To name just a very few things. Also: pottery, carpentry, and metalworking. And plumbing, antibiotics, and surgery. And cuisine, theater, and cocktails.


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