Nov 25, 2021 • 10M

On Food and Gratitude - audio edition

Thanksgiving 2021

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Heather Heying
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Hello and happy Thanksgiving to all,

In the midst of more substantive posts—on higher ed (two of them!), and vitamin D and Covid, and why not to allow children to medically transition—here comes Thanksgiving. So I wrote a little bit about the food traditions that our family enjoys, and also what I have been grateful for. I shared that with paying subscribers last week. Now, on Thanksgiving, I’m sharing it more widely. You may listen directly, or download it, as you like.

Here is a paragraph from today’s audio post:

Cooking that much sweet and savory and spiced and meaty goodness over the course of days makes a house smell like home. It makes the noses of the cats twitch. No matter the weather outside, if there is warmth on the inside, and rich food made with love, some things, at least, feel right with the world.

Be good to one another, today and every day.