Jan 18 • 16M

Fear in the Time of Coronavirus - audio edition

Things are Getting Real

Heather Heying
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After a bit of a delay, here is the audio from my first post of 2022, a post that turned out to be wildly popular. Touched a nerve, I guess. Or a lot of them. As such, I’m making this audio read publicly available.

Tomorrow I post Part I of an essay on sex differences in competition. The end of this post will segue nicely into that one.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s post:

Why are we catering to the delusions of the weakest and most confused members of society?

If you think you’re a girl but are really a boy, or

you think that exposure to ideas that you don’t agree with are violence against your soul, or

you think that discussion of early treatment or lockdowns or vaccine passports or mandates or the origins of the virus or the incentives of the drug makers or vitamin D or repurposed drugs or modifiable risk factors or actual risks from the disease or anything outside of the extremely narrow accepted covid narrative is dangerous to you and to society, then

I’m sorry, but you are wrong.

Again: I’m sorry you’re scared. Your fear is misplaced, however. And your fear shouldn’t be allowed to obliterate my freedoms.