Aug 23, 2021 • 14M

Fact Checkers Aren't Scientists - Audio Edition

Too Often, They're Censors

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Heather Heying
Audio reads of articles from Natural Selections: If it evolved, it's fair game: from jungles to hospitals, from herons and ghost moths to vitamin D and viruses, these reads of weekly essays cover lots of ground. Did you find an article on the main site that you want to hear rather than see? Most likely it's available here, for paying subscribers.
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On July 29, I posted my inaugural essay for Natural Selections: Fact-Checkers Aren’t Scientists. Every Tuesday I make a new post; these are available to everyone. Paying subscribers also receive an audio edition of the week’s essay. I am making the audio edition of this first essay available to all. Enjoy! And if you do, consider becoming a subscriber.

Let us learn some of the lessons that the pandemic has brought into sharp relief. Let us make our supply chains anti-fragile, and reduce inequalities in access and opportunity to key services. Let us interact in real time, with real people, as much as possible, rather than hiding behind screens—which will also help heal some of our political divisions. Let us remember that we are all more similar than we are different, and have much to learn from one another. Let us spend as much time outside as possible. And let us follow our curiosity, and our analytical and logical brains, towards a broader understanding of the world we live in, rather than a narrowly defined arena which has been brought to us by sponsors we did not choose, and should not want. 

Come with me on this journey, as we actually follow some science.